CN2R   SCORE: 4,623,015
  QSOs: 4955    States/Provinces: 311   
Entry Class: SOAB
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Log Update: (Tue, 22 Aug 2017 16:13 UTC)
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QSO #CallGETimeModeFreqSt/ProvTxRsRxRsSt/PvMltDate
1 KK7TV 00:00SSB14.190 AZ5959105-Mar-2005
2 VE8AE/VY0 00:04SSB7.173 NU5959 05-Mar-2005
3 VE8AE/VY0 00:07SSB3.756 NU5959 05-Mar-2005
4 W4MYA 00:07SSB3.756 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
5 AB1A 00:08SSB3.756 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
6 K4YJ 00:09SSB3.756 GA5959 05-Mar-2005
7 N1EU 00:10SSB3.759 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
8 KD2I 00:10SSB3.759 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
9 VA3XH 00:10SSB3.759 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
10 VC3A 00:13SSB7.163 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
11 N4RV 00:14SSB7.163 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
12 VE1JF 00:14SSB7.163 NS5959 05-Mar-2005
13 K3WW 00:15SSB7.163 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
14 AA4RX 00:15SSB7.163 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
15 W0AIH 00:15SSB7.163 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
16 K1IR 00:15SSB7.163 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
17 W3LPL 00:15SSB7.163 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
18 W2RE 00:15SSB7.163 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
19 NO2R 00:16SSB7.163 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
20 W4MYA 00:16SSB7.163 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
21 N3RS 00:16SSB7.163 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
22 N3UA 00:16SSB7.163 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
23 N6AR 00:19SSB7.157 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
24 KU1CW 00:20SSB7.157 MO5959 05-Mar-2005
25 K3DI 00:20SSB7.157 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
26 KB1H 00:20SSB7.157 CT5959 05-Mar-2005
27 AA2WC 00:21SSB7.157 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
28 K2MHE 00:21SSB7.157 MI5959 05-Mar-2005
29 NW4N 00:21SSB7.157 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
30 N0OB 00:22SSB7.157 NE5959 05-Mar-2005
31 NK7U 00:22SSB7.157 OR5959 05-Mar-2005
32 K4MS 00:22SSB7.157 SC5959 05-Mar-2005
33 N3CDA 00:23SSB7.157 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
34 K9WZB 00:23SSB7.157 IN5959 05-Mar-2005
35 K4UTE 00:23SSB7.157 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
36 AJ1E 00:25SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
37 W3MF 00:25SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
38 N7WX 00:26SSB7.157 WA5959 05-Mar-2005
39 K9RMS 00:26SSB7.157 IN5959 05-Mar-2005
40 K4JNY 00:27SSB7.157 TN5959 05-Mar-2005
41 N4ZI 00:27SSB7.157 TN5959 05-Mar-2005
42 K4FT 00:27SSB7.157 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
43 VE3DZ 00:27SSB7.157 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
44 VA3NU 00:27SSB7.157 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
45 VE3ARF 00:28SSB7.157 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
46 VE6WQ 00:28SSB7.157 AB5959 05-Mar-2005
47 K8GW 00:28SSB7.157 OH5959 05-Mar-2005
48 N4IJ 00:29SSB7.157 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
49 VY2TT 00:29SSB7.157 PE5959 05-Mar-2005
50 W3FUY 00:29SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
51 K9UP 00:29SSB7.157 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
52 W2LO 00:30SSB7.158 TN5959 05-Mar-2005
53 K4VZ 00:30SSB7.157 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
54 W4GIW 00:30SSB7.157 SC5959 05-Mar-2005
55 VE5PM 00:32SSB7.157 SK5959 05-Mar-2005
56 K4RWP 00:32SSB7.157 TN5959 05-Mar-2005
57 W3PP 00:32SSB7.157 DE5959 05-Mar-2005
58 K1DX 00:32SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
59 W4ATM 00:33SSB7.157 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
60 K0TV 00:33SSB7.157 NH5959 05-Mar-2005
61 NB1B 00:33SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
62 N2NT 00:33SSB7.157 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
63 K2QMF 00:34SSB7.157 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
64 K2NV 00:34SSB7.157 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
65 G3ODO/W4 00:34SSB7.157 GA5959 05-Mar-2005
66 K3LR 00:34SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
67 KC1XX 00:34SSB7.157 NH5959 05-Mar-2005
68 W0ZTL 00:36SSB7.157 ND5959 05-Mar-2005
69 K1KW 00:36SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
70 W3YY 00:36SSB7.157 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
71 W9JA 00:37SSB7.157 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
72 W3CF 00:37SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
73 AA1QD 00:37SSB7.157 NH5959 05-Mar-2005
74 N3ZA 00:37SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
75 K5GS 00:37SSB7.157 CO5959 05-Mar-2005
76 N9OUK 00:38SSB7.157 IN5959 05-Mar-2005
77 W2CG 00:38SSB7.157 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
78 N4HN 00:38SSB7.157 NC5959 05-Mar-2005
79 N1PGA 00:38SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
80 K8TVD 00:39SSB7.157 OH5959 05-Mar-2005
81 W3DM 00:39SSB7.158 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
82 K1BW 00:39SSB7.158 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
83 K3PL 00:39SSB7.157 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
84 WK4Y 00:40SSB7.157 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
85 W3GM 00:40SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
86 NT5C 00:40SSB7.157 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
87 W1EQ 00:40SSB7.157 CT5959 05-Mar-2005
88 VE3YN 00:40SSB7.157 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
89 K1TTT 00:41SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
90 K2UF 00:41SSB7.157 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
91 NN3Q 00:41SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
92 KK2M 00:41SSB7.158 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
93 N5ID 00:42SSB7.158 MS5959 05-Mar-2005
94 W2UP 00:42SSB7.158 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
95 KE9L 00:42SSB7.158 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
96 VE2BQB 00:42SSB7.158 QC5959 05-Mar-2005
97 NF4A 00:43SSB7.158 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
98 N1UR 00:43SSB7.158 VT5959 05-Mar-2005
99 W4TNX 00:43SSB7.158 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
100 N7DM 00:43SSB7.158 WA5959 05-Mar-2005
101 WK3W 00:43SSB7.158 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
102 K0OU 00:44SSB7.158 MO5959 05-Mar-2005
103 K1RX 00:44SSB7.158 NH5959 05-Mar-2005
104 KE4REM 00:44SSB7.158 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
105 N2LBR 00:44SSB7.157 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
106 W7PAQ 00:44SSB7.157 MT5959 05-Mar-2005
107 N1DD 00:45SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
108 W1JQ 00:45SSB7.157 CT5959 05-Mar-2005
109 WX5S 00:45SSB7.157 CA5959 05-Mar-2005
110 VA3POS 00:45SSB7.157 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
111 W1OX 00:45SSB7.157 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
112 WD4DDU 00:46SSB7.157 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
113 KE0A 00:46SSB7.157 ND5959 05-Mar-2005
114 W9GXR 00:47SSB7.157 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
115 N0LGU 00:47SSB7.158 NE5959 05-Mar-2005
116 VE2LX 00:48SSB7.158 QC5959 05-Mar-2005
117 AE7H 00:48SSB7.158 AZ5959 05-Mar-2005
118 K6IDX 00:48SSB7.158 CA5959 05-Mar-2005
119 WB9YJE 00:48SSB7.158 IL5959 05-Mar-2005
120 N2BJ 00:49SSB7.158 IL5959 05-Mar-2005
121 WN9O 00:49SSB7.158 IN5959 05-Mar-2005
122 W4KAZ 00:49SSB7.158 NC5959 05-Mar-2005
123 W8FR 00:49SSB7.158 MS5959 05-Mar-2005
124 VE3AD 00:49SSB7.158 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
125 AC4CS 00:50SSB7.158 AL5959 05-Mar-2005
126 N2FF 00:50SSB7.158 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
127 K8GT 00:50SSB7.158 MI5959 05-Mar-2005
128 K6AHG 00:51SSB7.158 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
129 K2XF 00:52SSB7.158 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
130 VE3LAW 00:52SSB7.158 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
131 K8LEE 00:54SSB7.158 IN5959 05-Mar-2005
132 N3AD 00:55SSB7.158 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
133 W1GD 00:55SSB7.158 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
134 N5MV 00:56SSB7.158 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
135 WB1DX 00:56SSB7.158 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
136 W6XX 00:57SSB7.158 CA5959 05-Mar-2005
137 W1WLW 00:58SSB7.158 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
138 NE4AA 00:58SSB7.158 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
139 WK3N 00:59SSB7.157 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
140 K3HT 00:59SSB7.157 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
141 N4BNO 00:59SSB7.157 NC5959 05-Mar-2005
142 KJ4JC 00:59SSB7.157 TN5959 05-Mar-2005
143 VE6FI 00:59SSB7.157 AB5959 05-Mar-2005
144 N8RA 01:00SSB7.157 CT5959 05-Mar-2005
145 KQ2M 01:00SSB7.157 CT5959 05-Mar-2005
146 W9SE 01:00SSB7.157 IL5959 05-Mar-2005
147 N9ZM 01:01SSB7.157 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
148 K4JLD 01:03SSB3.758 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
149 N2PK 01:03SSB3.758 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
150 VO1HE 01:05SSB3.759 NF5959 05-Mar-2005
151 K5RX 01:05SSB3.759 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
152 N8KOJ 01:05SSB3.759 OH5959 05-Mar-2005
153 WA1NYV 01:05SSB3.759 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
154 WV4V 01:06SSB3.759 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
155 N4AVV 01:06SSB3.759 SC5959 05-Mar-2005
156 W2ARP 01:07SSB3.759 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
157 VC3A 01:07SSB3.759 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
158 K3EE 01:07SSB3.759 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
159 K2PS 01:07SSB3.759 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
160 N5TY 01:07SSB3.759 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
161 W5TSB 01:07SSB3.759 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
162 N9EP 01:08SSB3.759 IL5959 05-Mar-2005
163 K4HMB 01:08SSB3.759 NC5959 05-Mar-2005
164 VE3XN 01:08SSB3.759 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
165 K8SAK 01:08SSB3.759 MI5959 05-Mar-2005
166 W2VP 01:09SSB3.759 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
167 NW4N 01:10SSB3.759 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
168 KB1H 01:10SSB3.759 CT5959 05-Mar-2005
169 N1PGA 01:10SSB3.759 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
170 K2NV 01:10SSB3.759 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
171 VE3LAW 01:10SSB3.759 ON5959 05-Mar-2005
172 AB2TN 01:12SSB3.759 NY5959 05-Mar-2005
173 KC1XX 01:12SSB3.759 NH5959 05-Mar-2005
174 K1TTT 01:12SSB3.759 MA5959 05-Mar-2005
175 W3LPL 01:12SSB3.759 MD5959 05-Mar-2005
176 W3PP 01:12SSB3.759 DE5959 05-Mar-2005
177 K8DJC 01:12SSB3.759 OH5959 05-Mar-2005
178 WK4Y 01:12SSB3.759 VA5959 05-Mar-2005
179 K3LR 01:13SSB3.759 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
180 K4WQ 01:13SSB3.759 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
181 VO1MP 01:13SSB3.759 NF5959 05-Mar-2005
182 WA2WVL 01:13SSB3.759 FL5959 05-Mar-2005
183 N5DD 01:13SSB3.759 TX5959 05-Mar-2005
184 VE9XA 01:14SSB3.759 NB5959 05-Mar-2005
185 W9VY 01:14SSB3.759 IL5959 05-Mar-2005
186 N1LW 01:14SSB3.759 ME5959 05-Mar-2005
187 VE2PEP 01:14SSB3.759 QC5959 05-Mar-2005
188 WA9HMN 01:15SSB3.759 IN5959 05-Mar-2005
189 N1KWF 01:15SSB3.759 NH5959 05-Mar-2005
190 N0FW 01:15SSB3.759 OH5959 05-Mar-2005
191 N7YP 01:15SSB3.759 SC5959 05-Mar-2005
192 W3FV 01:15SSB3.759 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
193 W3MF 01:16SSB3.759 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
194 W6RJ 01:16SSB3.759 CA5959 05-Mar-2005
195 W8ZA 01:16SSB3.759 WV5959 05-Mar-2005
196 WO4DX 01:16SSB3.759 GA5959 05-Mar-2005
197 W4KAZ 01:17SSB3.759 NC5959 05-Mar-2005
198 N2VW 01:18SSB3.758 NJ5959 05-Mar-2005
199 W2UP 01:18SSB3.758 PA5959 05-Mar-2005
200 W0AIH 01:18SSB3.758 WI5959 05-Mar-2005
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