CN2R   SCORE: 5,960,034
  QSOs: 5809    States/Provinces: 342   
Entry Class: SOAB
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Log Update: (Tue, 22 Aug 2017 16:13 UTC)
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QSO #CallGETimeModeFreqSt/ProvTxRsRxRsSt/PvMltDate
1 N7BES 00:00SSB14.219 WA5959106-Mar-2004
2 K9NW 00:01SSB14.219 IN5959206-Mar-2004
3 KB9BUM 00:03SSB14.219 WI5959306-Mar-2004
4 K1TTT 00:04SSB14.219 MA5959406-Mar-2004
5 VA3DX 00:06SSB7.053 ON5959 06-Mar-2004
6 VE2ZV 00:08SSB3.791 PQ5959 06-Mar-2004
7 K4TH 00:08SSB3.791 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
8 K0GY 00:09SSB3.791 KS5959 06-Mar-2004
9 N4WPG 00:09SSB3.791 MS5959 06-Mar-2004
10 KD2N 00:09SSB3.791 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
11 K3QD 00:10SSB3.791 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
12 N4PQX 00:10SSB3.791 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
13 VE1KC 00:11SSB3.791 NS5959 06-Mar-2004
14 K3LR 00:11SSB3.791 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
15 N1PGA 00:11SSB3.791 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
16 KB3FRI 00:12SSB3.791 DE5959 06-Mar-2004
17 K9NS 00:13SSB3.791 IL5959 06-Mar-2004
18 WT8C 00:13SSB3.791 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
19 W1MI 00:14SSB3.791 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
20 W3LPL 00:14SSB3.791 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
21 K1FE 00:15SSB3.791 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
22 K4JLD 00:15SSB3.791 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
23 KT1J 00:15SSB3.791 VT5959 06-Mar-2004
24 N0IJ 00:15SSB3.791 MN5959 06-Mar-2004
25 N5ORT 00:16SSB3.791 MS5959 06-Mar-2004
26 NA2M 00:16SSB3.791 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
27 WA3IIA 00:18SSB3.791 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
28 W3PP 00:18SSB3.791 DE5959 06-Mar-2004
29 W0AIH 00:18SSB3.791 WI5959 06-Mar-2004
30 NG4C 00:19SSB3.791 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
31 K4MQG 00:19SSB3.791 SC5959 06-Mar-2004
32 VE9HC 00:19SSB3.791 NB5959 06-Mar-2004
33 K8MV 00:20SSB3.791 MI5959 06-Mar-2004
34 W5ZS 00:20SSB3.791 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
35 KC9JS 00:21SSB3.791 WI5959 06-Mar-2004
36 K1RX 00:21SSB3.791 NH5959 06-Mar-2004
37 VE3GLA 00:21SSB3.791 ON5959 06-Mar-2004
38 NL7AU/W4 00:21SSB3.791 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
39 K3BSA 00:22SSB3.791 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
40 VE1JF 00:22SSB3.791 NS5959 06-Mar-2004
41 W1JQ 00:22SSB3.791 CT5959 06-Mar-2004
42 W3CK 00:23SSB3.791 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
43 N8XA 00:24SSB3.791 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
44 N0FW 00:24SSB3.791 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
45 NR2D 00:24SSB3.791 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
46 K1LD 00:25SSB3.791 NH5959 06-Mar-2004
47 W4JS 00:25SSB3.791 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
48 NY1S 00:26SSB3.791 ME5959 06-Mar-2004
49 K1TTT 00:26SSB3.791 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
50 W8JWN 00:28SSB7.086 MI5959 06-Mar-2004
51 K4TOR 00:28SSB7.086 SC5959 06-Mar-2004
52 K5RA 00:30SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
53 W2AY 00:30SSB7.064 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
54 WF2W 00:30SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
55 W1AO 00:31SSB7.064 ME5959 06-Mar-2004
56 K1TTT 00:31SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
57 VY2TT 00:33SSB7.064 PEI5959 06-Mar-2004
58 W3BYX 00:33SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
59 WA1EOX 00:33SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
60 K0VM 00:34SSB7.064 IA5959 06-Mar-2004
61 N0LGU 00:34SSB7.064 NE5959 06-Mar-2004
62 W1FM 00:36SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
63 W2AY 00:37SSB7.064 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
64 AA1K 00:37SSB7.064 DE5959 06-Mar-2004
65 VE3TW 00:37SSB7.064 ON5959 06-Mar-2004
66 N4AGG 00:38SSB7.064 SC5959 06-Mar-2004
67 WA1Z 00:38SSB7.064 NH5959 06-Mar-2004
68 KB1H 00:39SSB7.064 CT5959 06-Mar-2004
69 W1TRB 00:40SSB7.064 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
70 W5UJE 00:40SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
71 NT5C 00:40SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
72 W1RZF 00:40SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
73 W2LE 00:41SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
74 NI5F 00:41SSB7.064 MS5959 06-Mar-2004
75 W2XL 00:41SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
76 W2IRT 00:42SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
77 AA3B 00:43SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
78 N2LT 00:43SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
79 K3WW 00:43SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
80 K3OOO 00:43SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
81 K1RX 00:43SSB7.064 NH5959 06-Mar-2004
82 N3RS 00:43SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
83 WE2A 00:43SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
84 K3KO 00:44SSB7.064 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
85 WA2WVL 00:44SSB7.064 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
86 W8ZA 00:44SSB7.064 WV5959 06-Mar-2004
87 W3LPL 00:44SSB7.064 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
88 N3OC 00:44SSB7.064 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
89 N3AM 00:44SSB7.064 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
90 AC1O 00:44SSB7.064 ME5959 06-Mar-2004
91 AD8C 00:44SSB7.064 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
92 K4ZW 00:44SSB7.064 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
93 K9NS 00:44SSB7.064 IL5959 06-Mar-2004
94 K3LR 00:44SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
95 W3QZ 00:45SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
96 W3PP 00:45SSB7.064 DE5959 06-Mar-2004
97 N3JJA 00:45SSB7.064 DE5959 06-Mar-2004
98 W2GDJ 00:45SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
99 W2TV 00:46SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
100 K3CP 00:46SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
101 K8AO 00:46SSB7.064 MI5959 06-Mar-2004
102 N2VW 00:46SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
103 W2GD 00:47SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
104 AK2P 00:47SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
105 KB9YSI 00:47SSB7.064 IL5959 06-Mar-2004
106 N6IG 00:48SSB7.064 CA5959 06-Mar-2004
107 KY5R 00:48SSB7.064 AL5959 06-Mar-2004
108 W3FV 00:48SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
109 NY1Q 00:48SSB7.064 RI5959 06-Mar-2004
110 W3HVQ 00:48SSB7.064 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
111 W4RQ 00:49SSB7.064 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
112 AB5GU 00:49SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
113 K1BW 00:49SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
114 W2UP 00:49SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
115 K2XA 00:49SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
116 W3GM 00:49SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
117 K3PD 00:49SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
118 N7DF 00:50SSB7.064 NM5959 06-Mar-2004
119 K4DSE 00:50SSB7.064 KY5959 06-Mar-2004
120 W1GD 00:50SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
121 KS1J 00:50SSB7.064 RI5959 06-Mar-2004
122 WM3T 00:50SSB7.064 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
123 KI7U 00:51SSB7.064 ID5959 06-Mar-2004
124 N4CC 00:51SSB7.064 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
125 K1LD 00:51SSB7.064 NH5959 06-Mar-2004
126 N3CRT 00:52SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
127 N9RV 00:52SSB7.064 IN5959 06-Mar-2004
128 AE5DX 00:52SSB7.064 MS5959 06-Mar-2004
129 WK3H 00:52SSB7.064 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
130 N3UM 00:54SSB7.064 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
131 W9VY 00:54SSB7.064 IL5959 06-Mar-2004
132 NL7AU/W4 00:54SSB7.064 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
133 K8DJC 00:54SSB7.064 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
134 N9TGR 00:54SSB7.064 IL5959 06-Mar-2004
135 W6RFL 00:55SSB7.064 CA5959 06-Mar-2004
136 W1RY 00:55SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
137 WA2WGF 00:55SSB7.064 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
138 K5LJ 00:55SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
139 N3HO 00:55SSB7.064 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
140 KD3CN 00:56SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
141 KQ2M 00:56SSB7.064 CT5959 06-Mar-2004
142 W1TRC 00:57SSB7.064 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
143 KC1XX 00:58SSB7.064 NH5959 06-Mar-2004
144 W5RNF 00:59SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
145 W1QK 01:00SSB7.064 CT5959 06-Mar-2004
146 W0AIH 01:00SSB7.064 WI5959 06-Mar-2004
147 NI1N 01:01SSB7.064 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
148 W2EN 01:01SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
149 K3MD 01:02SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
150 W4CZU 01:02SSB7.064 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
151 K4JLD 01:02SSB7.064 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
152 WB8FIW 01:02SSB7.064 MI5959 06-Mar-2004
153 NO2R 01:02SSB7.064 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
154 K9NW 01:02SSB7.064 IN5959 06-Mar-2004
155 N1NB 01:02SSB7.064 CT5959 06-Mar-2004
156 K5NA 01:03SSB7.064 TX5959 06-Mar-2004
157 K4BG 01:05SSB3.755 GA5959 06-Mar-2004
158 VE3YAA 01:06SSB3.755 ON5959 06-Mar-2004
159 VE2HAY 01:06SSB3.755 QC5959 06-Mar-2004
160 WA3I 01:06SSB3.755 DE5959 06-Mar-2004
161 W1GD 01:06SSB3.755 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
162 N2LT 01:07SSB3.755 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
163 K2XA 01:07SSB3.755 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
164 W1BK 01:07SSB3.755 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
165 K3CT 01:07SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
166 W9OL 01:08SSB3.755 IL5959 06-Mar-2004
167 K3NZ 01:08SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
168 K3WW 01:08SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
169 N1GC 01:08SSB3.755 NC5959 06-Mar-2004
170 W2UP 01:08SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
171 W1HI 01:08SSB3.755 RI5959 06-Mar-2004
172 N4DJ 01:09SSB3.755 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
173 K4ZW 01:09SSB3.755 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
174 K3RV 01:09SSB3.755 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
175 W8MMC 01:09SSB3.755 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
176 K3CC 01:09SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
177 VE3EJ 01:09SSB3.755 ON5959 06-Mar-2004
178 WW2Y 01:10SSB3.755 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
179 K8YG 01:10SSB3.755 OH5959 06-Mar-2004
180 NY1Q 01:10SSB3.755 RI5959 06-Mar-2004
181 WA3KYY 01:10SSB3.755 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
182 W1AZ 01:12SSB3.755 MA5959 06-Mar-2004
183 KQ2M 01:12SSB3.755 CT5959 06-Mar-2004
184 N7DF 01:12SSB3.755 NM5959 06-Mar-2004
185 NN2W 01:12SSB3.755 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
186 K0HGW 01:12SSB3.755 NM5959 06-Mar-2004
187 W2GD 01:12SSB3.755 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
188 N1KC 01:13SSB3.755 VA5959 06-Mar-2004
189 W2EN 01:13SSB3.755 NJ5959 06-Mar-2004
190 N3AM 01:13SSB3.755 MD5959 06-Mar-2004
191 W4CJ 01:13SSB3.755 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
192 WB2ZTH 01:14SSB3.755 NY5959 06-Mar-2004
193 AA3B 01:14SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
194 VA3NR 01:14SSB3.755 ON5959 06-Mar-2004
195 KG4MWO 01:14SSB3.755 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
196 W3FV 01:15SSB3.755 PA5959 06-Mar-2004
197 W5YU 01:15SSB3.755 NM5959 06-Mar-2004
198 W4SAA 01:15SSB3.755 FL5959 06-Mar-2004
199 NA4K 01:16SSB3.755 TN5959 06-Mar-2004
200 K8IAT 01:17SSB3.755 IN5959 06-Mar-2004
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