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Russian DX 2016 SOSB 20M354,3634455865High--
Russian DX 2015 SOAB13,714,1723119289408High1
Russian DX 2014 SOSB 10M2,139,10322956998High1
Russian DX 2013 SOSB 15M2,168,250206374101High1
Russian DX 2012 SOAB SSB10,616,8003051219358High--
Russian DX 2011 SOAB11,910,5703139276326High--
Russian DX 2010 SOAB11,924,5053182252327High1-
Russian DX 2009 SOSB 80M954,58511595877High1-
Russian DX 2008 SOSB 40M1,354,21815106494High2-
Russian DX 2007 SOSB 80M903,22211385782High1
Russian DX 2006 SOAB SSB8,625,4442865223280High1
Russian DX 2005 SOAB SSB1,251,556740127151High0-

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