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CQWW SSB 2016 M230,584,49611596175713High2-
CQWW SSB 2015 M239,325,98014202165744High1-
CQWW SSB 2014 M125,041,5409818176681High3-
CQWW SSB 2013 SOAB18,876,7508447168582High1
CQWW SSB 2012 SOAB16,710,2657839158557High1
CQWW SSB 2011 SOAB19,340,7308486168597High1
CQWW SSB 2010 SOAB15,027,1887090161552High2-
CQWW SSB 2009 SOAB14,380,0566252167609High2-
CQWW SSB 2008 SOSB 160M411,38311652297High1
CQWW SSB 2007 SOSB 160M268,3009321585High1
CQWW SSB 2006 SOSB 80M1,091,694240933126High1
CQWW SSB 2005 SOSB 40M1,590,675 328735132High1
CQWW SSB 2004 SOAB20,938,6808655172668High1
CQWW SSB 2003 SOAB18,743,250 8682152594High2-
CQWW SSB 2002 SOAB14,220,8917281145552High2-

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