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CQWW CW 2016 M229,17191212052176636High1-
CQWW CW 2015 SOSB 40M1,613,205327336129High1-
CQWW CW 2013 SOSB 15M1,893,160334240150High1
CQWW CW 2012 SOSB 10M1,572,694295137142High--
CQWW CW 2011 SOAB9,852,8245455144463High--
CQWW CW 2010 SOSB 40M534,92414122899High--
CQWW CW 2009 SOAB9,307,2455535135430High4-
CQWW CW 2008 SOSB 160M550,85115522594High1
CQWW CW 2007 SOSB 160M559,86015682698High2-
CQWW CW 2006 SOSB 40M2,006,576391035141High1
CQWW CW 2005 SOSB 80M1,206,128241033121High1
CQWW CW 2004 SOSB 80M1,037,704241034118High1
CQWW CW 2003 SOAB6,326,208 3994134442High--
CQWW CW 2002 SOAB6,346,6303934126464High--

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