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CQWPX SSB 2017 SOSB 80M412,292295236HIGH--
CQWPX SSB 2013 SOAB31,580,64059801440High1
CQWPX SSB 2012 SOAB28,144,45255701428High1
CQWPX SSB 2011 SOSB 15M21,222,94249051446High1
CQWPX SSB 2010 SOAB27,842,55651941383High1
CQWPX SSB 2009 SOAB21,343,27050181235High1
CQWPX SSB 2008 SOSB 20M15,778,84044291199High1
CQWPX SSB 2007 SOSB 160M1,613,955686398High1
CQWPX SSB 2006 SOSB 80M12,179,7182268901High1
CQWPX SSB 2005 SOSB 40M14,724,6962652931High1
CQWPX SSB 2004 SOAB13,411,53036151035High--
CQWPX SSB 2003 SOAB8,614,4612787901High--
CQWPX SSB 2002 SOAB15,722,87548631057High2-
CQWPX SSB 2001 SOAB20,901,27658971123High2-

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