The 27 meter high West tower is a shunt fed 160 meter vertical. This antenna
works very well and is my best 160M antenna.

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160 Meter Shunt vertical feed and tuner box on West tower.

The 50 ft shunt wire can be seen below the bottom yagi on the left side of the tower

The tuner uses 2 vacuum caps for covering the band

One of the capacitors is driven by a small 12 volt motor for QSYing.

The 160M shunt vertical control box is the little box on the table with the up/down red buttons.

This diagram shows the 160M tuner and shunt wire.

8 turn K9YC 160M RF choke with spit #31 material toroid.

The toroid is closed and this choke is at the feedpoint to keep RF out of the shack.

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