The 2 element, phased verticals for 160 meters, project was designed
using EZNEC 5.0 . The plots and design data are provided below.

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2 element, 3/8 wave spacing, 160M array layout. Download the EZNEC files:



The 'wires' dimensions for one vertical. Both verticals are identical.

Broadside 3D plot. The Antenna is fed by two 90 degree phase lines.

Broadside azimuth plot. The phasing lines are 9086 coax which is an air-dielectric 9913

Broadside Elevation plot. The phasing lines need to have a ~.84% velocity factor. This allows the 1/4 wave lengths to physically reach the antenna.

Endfire 3D plot. The endfire patterns is generated by inserting a toroidal 180 degree phase delay in one of the 1/4 wave phase lines.

Endfire Azimuth plot.

Endfire elevation plot.

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