The original station design include rotating sidemounts to allow for fewer
towers and different heights for yagis. Currently their are 4 rotating
sidemounts and 3 fixed sidemounts.

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Tower setions arrived on site. They are wrapped to prevent paint loss.

This tower was erected with a 220V My-Te rope capstan winch.

The tower bracket for the winch. The cleat is used to tie down the rope

All tower section were pre-fitted on the ground.

Each of the 3 meter sections was numbered when the 6 bolt holes were drilled.

The first 3 sections are up. Time for the first set of Philystran guy cable.

12 sections up, 3 more to go. The Philystran cable has to be attached every 15 meters.

The top section's 2 thrust bearings and rotor plate are aligned on the ground.

2 inch OD 4 meter long pipes used for the cable messenger supports..

The crew stringing the coax and rotor cable to the messenger.

160 dipole, 80 meter yagi and 20 meter yagi. For more photos see the South Tower collection.



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