In Aug 2002 the East and West towers were installed at CN2R. These towers
are 27 Meters high and were erected in 8 days.

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All guy anchor holes were manually excavated.

This is a finished guy anchor with the first guy attached

The guy anchor orientation is aligned to the tower base.

Tower sections were checked for alignment using the black pipes.

Each tower section was raised manually by 3 or 4 local Moroccans.

The 2 inch OD 5 meter steel mast was preloaded after the first 2 sections.

Guy wire hardware used for tower attachment.

A few holes had to be modified in the tower sections.

West tower partially erected to 18 meters

1.2 meter pipe stands were used to fit the thrust bearings and rotator.

Guy detail for the Philystran guys. The Towers are guyed with the Kevlar non-conductive guy cable.

Two Rolls of H1000 semi-rigid hardline. Each roll is 500 meters.

Cable reel used for the rotor and coax cable.

Prosistel Pst51 rotator. These rotors are used to turn the top and sidemount antennas.

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