CN2R has lost power, in a contest, 4 times. Three of these interrupts turned
out to be power company system maintainence. In 2007, with the help of
CN8TW and CN8KD a generator was located and purchased new.

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The 17KW generator arrves!

The all metal generator building, built by CN8TW, arrives on a towing truck.

Ali, CN8TW, and Brihm inspect the new building.

We used the tractor to move the generator from the garage to the building.

The generator is in position, ready to be hooked-up.

Brihm Drills a hole for the ground rod.

Brihm is hooking the shack cables to the generator.

The generator control panel folds down for configuration

The generator breaker and control panel.

The generator control panel folds down for configuration

Jim CN2R, tests the generator. The generator project was completed in October of 2008.

This is the Commercial power mains disconnect. It is located at the big house. It takes about 5 minutes to switch over to emergency power.

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