The original station design used a 4 port 12 position design to support SO2R
with 2 antennas per band. The station was modified to support 3 antennas
per band for a total of 18 antennas for the contests. The left table operating
position is fully automated for band changing. The RX antennas can be used
by either or both SO2R stations.

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DIN plugs were added to the Array Solutions 6 Pak relay box to allow for quick swap.

Two 6 Pak boxes are used to form a 12 Pak. All ports are marked for ease of use.

This is the internal wiring changes to support the DIN jacks and 12 Pak configuration.

The 6 Pak control boxes were also modified with DIN connectors.

Two 6 Pak Controllers were used to allow 2 antennas to be selected for any band.

The Right Radio also uses a pair of 6 Pak controllers.

The Prosistel rotator control boxes, ICE 419 bandpass filters and Top Ten band decoders.

The ICE 419 filters had to be modified to fully support the 12 Pak SO2R configuration.

A view of the interior of the ICE 419 Bandpass filters.

This small circuit board implements the Amp Keying with TxEnable. The ft1000MP transmit signal is synced with the Amp being ready.

A rear view of the connectors added to the Top Ten band decoders for the TxEnable function. This mod eliminates the use of the TXGnd jack from the Yaesu.

The interior of the ICE 196 Rx signal limiter.

The AY Technologies RAS 8 box. This box enables 8 RX antennas for SO2R operation. The ICE 196 limiters were added to prevent receiver damage

A rear view of the RAS 8. Two conrollers allow a RX antenna to be used by both SO2R positions.

A homebrew stack match control. See Schematic for more details.

The 3 homebrew stack matches are used on 40, 80, 160. They are used for power splitting not phasing.

The homebrew stack match remote relay box.

The interior of the homebrew stack match relay box. The relays are SPST 15 amp units.

All 6 of the Prosistel rotators are connecterized and can be moved for Multi-op contests.



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