This page contains photos of the CN2R shack. The shack operating positions
consist of 2 operating tables. These photos show the evolution of the Right
operating position.

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Right operating position Nov. 2003. Yaesu Ft1000MPMK5, Kenwood TS940S, MLA 2500 amplifier and 6 Meter KW

Nov 2005 Right operating position. Added AL1200 amplifier. CN2KM set CQWW CW SOSB 20M from this position.

Mar 2006 right position. CN2SD operated the CQWPX test as SOSB 20M. An LCD monitor was added to this position.

Mar 2007 right position. Right LCD monitor was added and logging computer was made into dual monitor

Oct 2008 articulating arm was added to left LCD monitor

AL1200 amplifier (3cx1200)

Stack of cases are used to store all radio equipment offsite after the contest.

Storage cabinet used to store small parts and backup equipment.

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