This page contains photos of the CN2R shack. The shack operating positions
consist of 2 operating tables. These photos show the evolution of the Left
operating position.

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Construction of the Radio Shack was completed in Sept 2002.This was my first view of the shack.

CN2R shack October 2002. First contest with a SO2R-- ACOM 1000 an Yaesu ft1000MP

Left table operating position Mar 2003. Antenna control allowed 2 driven antennas per band.

This photo shows the empty operating table. All radios and amplifiers are stored off-site after the contest.

October 2003 shack. Added LCD monitors, Emtron amplifier and the third tower.

November 2003 left operating position. Added more antennas and ACOM 2000

Mar 2006 Left position. dual monitor, Better low-band RX antennas. three transmit antennas per band.

Side LCD Monitor, on 2nd computer, used to monitor power and record contest audio

Mar 2008 Left position. Dual monitor with articulating arms.

Trophy for CN2R CQWW SSB SOAB 2004 High power Winner!

Main Left operating position with Bigali paddles and full-travel small keyboard.

Oct 2004 antenna control muxed a Cushcraft A3s between 10/15/20. This allowed 3 direction TX/RX.

Oct 2003 antenna control added a stackmatch for each of the 6 bands. The RAS8 control and K9AY control are also shown

Prositel rotors and ICE 419 bandpass filters driven by Top Ten sync/source band decoders

160M/80M antenna control. The 3 switches allow operation from 1.800 - 1.900 Mhz on 160M rotating dipole

ACOM2000 amplifier (4cx800)

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