This page contains photos of the CN2R shack construction project. The shack
is 6 meters x 4 meters (19 ft x 13 ft). The bottom floor is the living quarters.
The second floor provides a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Construction of the Radio Shack started In August 2002.The shack was designed amd constructed by Ali CN8TW

The bottom floor footings

The first floor concrete posts support the Shack floor

The shack is located an equal distance from the East/West towers. The 2nd floor rebar is visible

This is a shot from the East tower which was also being built

The road to the shack consists of a rock bed with curbs

The completed road with night lights

The completed shack in October 2002. The shack is on the second floor

This is the rear view of the shack with the water storage tank

A view of the completed shack from the East tower with the 3 car carport

The far side of the shack from the West tower

Shack 2008 with Inet IP camera on the roof.

3 car garage

Large patio for protection from the sun.

A view of the shack 2008 from the West tower.



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