The original receive antenna was a K9AY 4 direction loop. A Europe/Asia
and North American beverage system was added in 2003. Another K9AY
was added to support SO2R operation.

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K9AY South antenna. This antenna has been rebuilt several times. Currently the termination resistor is remotely controlled.

This is the Original K9AY relay box. The relays to achieve 4 directions is inside.

The current K9AY relay box uses 4 wires to control the relays

This is the bottom of the K9AY relay box. The antenna wires enter the small black boxes.

K9AY remote side view.

K9AY bottom view. The control cable, 100 bead choke on rg8X coax and the ground wire are shown.

K9AY insulators and remote box

A view of the South K9AY antenna top.

The K9AY loop wires can be seen terminating into the relay box.

The third box on top of the Stackmatch controls was used as the original K9AY controller.

Currently the small white box with the Black knob controls the k9ay. To the left is the RAS8 beverage selector.



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