The beverages at the station started as single wire beverages. These were later
switched to BiDirectional beverages. The current beverages are phased
BiDirectional antennas.

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CN2R beverage layout showing the 2 NA/AF and EU/SA beverages

Europe / South American phased staggered beverage layout. The Cross fire feed system is used

North American / African phased staggered beverage layout. The Cross fire feed system is used

Home Brew schematic for BiDirectional beverage feedpoint and Terminator, The 180 degree shift is on the AWAY direction.

Home Brew schematic for BiDirectional beverage feedpoint and Terminator, The 180 degree shift is on the TOWARD direction.

The phased beverages require one coax input to have a 180 degree phase shift. This shift occurs in the transformer

This is the latest Beverage feed box with the large square Binocular cores.

Finished Home Brew feedpoint boxes for beverages

This is the latest Beverage terminator box with one large square Binocular core.

Finished Home Brew terminator boxes for beverages

These are the first cores used in the Home Brew feedpoin box. The cores consist of two #43 cores glued together.

A view of the cores mounted in the PVC box. These cores were later replaced by the Square cores used in the Magic-T

DX Engineering Feedpoint box internal view. This box had core saturation problems on 160M and is no longer used

DxEngineering terminator box

Schematic drawing of the DX Engeering feedpoint box. The 6:3 transformer is the termination toroid windings.

7 turn RG6 chioke from K9YC design. Thes chokes are placed on every beverage feedline

A view of the beverage feedline choke with the large #31 clip on choke. These chokes stopped the core saturation problem.

The completed choke. The staggered beverage used 2 clip-on chokes for the direction pointing towards the TX antenna

Beverage Magic-T 75 ohn to 37.5 ohm splitter schematic

This Magic-T splitter is used to combine the signals from the staggered beverage

The EU / SA beverage 'kit' . Two 600 foot long RG6U feedlines and 36 beverage poles. The ladder line is not shown.

Beverage hole spike. This pipe is driven into the ground till the top of the 25mm collar

Beverage spike hammered into the ground. The two 'garage door' handles, on the top, are used to rotate the spike to remove it from the hole.

Road hazard truangle is used to align the far end of the beverages poles

The black ladder line is layed out first. Then the 1,2meter x 12mm fiberglass poles are pushed into the dirt. The triangle is used to align the poles.

Water is used to soften the soil for making the initial hole.

large sledge hammer is used to pound the spike into the rocky soil.

The 25mm PVC pipe is slipped over the 12mm x 1.2M fiberglass poles. The pvc pole is pushed ~180mm into the hole.

BiDirectional beverage feed box mounted on pole. The two feed coaxes are attached. The plastic sack containd the Beverage choke.

BiDirectional beverage terminator box mounted on pole. The yellow wire is attached to the 2 meter ground pipe

DxEngineering plastic insulators are used to hold the ladder line. The Tee connector is glued to the base pipe. The stock round pin was not used

The DXEngeneering pin has been replaced by a nylon screw and nut. The pin would not stay attached in the wind.

Side view of Tee connector. Enox stainless screws are used.

All beveraages are detached from the field at the end of the contest. It is a lot of work! The beverage system has 1160 meters of ladder line.

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