This antenna collapsed on Christmas day 2009. There was a big wind storm in Morocco. The wind speed exceeded 40 m/S (90mph).This antenna was a modified Force 12 Sigma Ultra160. The dipole was T-Bar and center coil loaded. The antenna is 35 meters(114 ft) long and 47 Meters high.

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The Left side of the 160 meter dipole sheared a leg and folded over.

Side view.

The 80M yagi appears to be OK

The 2  element side-mounted 40M yagi looks OK

The right side of the 160M dipole is still horizontal. It will be very difficult to remove without a crane.

Webcam photo during the storm.

The North vertical is bent as shown on the right.

The South 22M 160M vertical had 3 meters of its top section snap-off.

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