There are 3 40 meter yagis at CN2R. The first yagi was a 2 El 40 meter
constructed in the summer of 2002. The next yagi was a rebuilt 2 EL yagi
that was damaged at CN8TW's station. These yagis were installed on the
East and West towers. The last 40 Meter yagi was built in 2004. This 4 El M2
antenna was installed on the East tower.

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Cushcraft XM240 2 element 40 assembly. This antenna is now on the South tower.

XM240 element to boom clamp. The antenna is painted with aluminum paint for WX.

M2 40M4LDD 4 element 40 antenna assembled iin Morocco.

4 El 40 meter element guy with support for linear loading.

Painted 4 EL 40 center insulator. The paint is 2 part auto-motive paint

Linear loading 4 El 40M insulator. The green paint is good for high voltage and WX.

4 El 40M element showing the linear loading.



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