The first phase of construction of the 10, 15 and 20 meter yagis were
built  in Oregon and then shipped to Morocco in the summer of 2002.
Two antennas for each band were built. The second phase 10, 15, and 20
Meter yagis were built in 2004. These yagis are used as fixed low antennas
for Europe.

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The monoband yagis were constructed in my yard in Oregon. All antennas were painted for WX protection.

All of the antennas use the Radioworks Y1-5K current baluns.

The feedpoint uses a fiber rod as a center insulator. PVC pipe isolates the element from bracket

The Philystran boom guy is attached to the boom with a simple clamp and Aluminum Nico press.

Yagi boom to Sidemount brackets for sidemounted rotating antennas.

The 6 El 15M ready for paint. A sidemount was used to hold the antenna during construction.

The yagis were marked and disassembled for shipment to Morocco.

Each box was loaded to match the allowed Volume weight. This averaged about 35Kg per box

All of the boxes were shipped Air Freight. The boxes were double walled and fiber taped.

AH8DX used his truck to transport the material to the airport. The longest box was ~3.8 meters.

The 6 EL 15M yagi is reassembled in Morocco.

The 4 el 20M yagi was reassembled using the 1.2 Meter pipe stands.

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