The first phase of the 40 meter yagis were constructed in Oregon and then
shipped to Morocco in the summer of 2002. These 2 yagis were installed on
the East and West towers. The second phase 40 Meter yagi was installed in
2004. The East tower 40M yagi was moved to a sidemount on the South
tower and the new 4 El 40 was installed on the East tower.

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The Cushcraft XM240 2 El 40 is near the East tower top on the single wire tram.

6 element 15 on top West tower with mast jacked up 3 meters.

The 2 tram wires have been attached to the tower top and the antenna is in position.

The tower top has a 1 meter cross member mounted 1 meter above the tower for tram attachment.

A back-guy is installed on the tower's mast to help carry the load form the tram.

The tram sled is homebrewed. The two bars attach to the antenna boom.

The electric winch moves the antenna up the tram.

The 4 EL 40 is nearing the top of the East tower on the tram.

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