The 1 El 160M rotating dipole is a modifed Force12 Sigma Ultra 160. The
installation of the dipole occurred in Sep. of 2003. The antenna was tuned in
one day. Three relays at the center point are used to move the antenna between
1.8 - 1.9 Mhz.

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The Tram is anchored to the tractor. The tractor allowed the tram to be positioned opposite the West guy cable.

The antenna is attached and ready to go.

A side view of the dipole element

The dipole is attached to the 2 wire tram with load line straps.

The loading coils and relay box are attached.

This photo shows the tram line and pull rope, in the center, attached to the South tower.

Tuning the antenna with a temporary rg8X coax feedline attached.

The dipole is heading for the South tower top on the tram.

This photo shows the antenna at 47 Meter. The mast was raised 2 meters to make space for the 2 El 80.

Replacement Loading coil. The Force 12 coil fell apart. This coil was made with copper tubing.

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