The station was constructed with the help of several local Moroccan people.
Without their help the CN2R contest station would not exist. My partner in
this station is Ali CN8TW. Ali has many skills and is able to solve all problems.
CN8AR, My. Omar and CN8KD Mohamed have also been very helpful and
good friends. My antenna crew includes Brihm, Charki and Mfuddle. These
3 guys are not radiomen, but fantastic workers and the best of friends.

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Charki and Brahm on the East tower.

This is Brihm operating the Farm tractor and trailer. The trailer is often used as a dead man for back guys.

Brihm with his dog BoBe. Brihm is the manager of the 40 hectare farm where the station is located.

Charki was a neighbor of the farm. His English was excellent. Charki was killed in an Industrial accident in 2005. It was a big loss for his family and for our antenna crew.

The crew is busy attaching the cables to the South tower messenger. Mfuddle's two sons often help out with small jobs.

This is Mfuddle. He is the tractor operator on the farm. He is very strong and a great help on many antenna projects.

This is Hassan. He is the family driver for Ali, CN8TW. Hassan provides transportation for material and people.

Yassine is the son of Mfuddle. He has become a very good worker. Yassine aligns all of the beverages by eye.

Siddeq is a younger son of Mfuddle. He manages the animals on the farm/

Brihm and Mfuddle mixing cement for the phased verticals.

Mfuddle mixing the cement for the generator building.



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