Charki was my best helper. He was always available to help. It was very sad
that he left us soo early in his life.

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Charki lived very close to the farm. He was a friend of Brihms. Charki was finishing his studies when we met.

Charki spoke excellent English, Frech and Arabic. He was instrumental in the erection of the the CN2R antenna farm. Here he is shown helping at CN8AR's QTH.

Charki became a very good freind. He had no fear! Here we are enjoying a meal at his parents house with some of his 6 brothers.

Charki was also helpful on the farm. He finished his studies in the summer of 2005

Dining at Rick's cafe in Casablanca in Feb 2005. Charki was killed in an industrial accident in August 2005. It was his second day on his new job. May he REST IN PEACE. We all miss him dearly.



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