In Aug 2004 the first 2 towers were installed at CN2R. These towers are 27
Meters high and are referenced as the East and West towers. The South
tower is 45 meters high and was erected in Sep 2003.

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Tower, shack, road, K9AY layout. One guy cable on each tower is oriented to the West. This allows the sidemount to rotate 220° - 160° through North.

East Tower guy and antenna diagram.

West Tower guy and antenna diagram..

South Tower guy and antenna diagram.

Tower base diagram.

Tower guy anchors. The station has 18 of these abchors, 6 per tower.

Rotating Sidemount brackets and swinging arm diagram. The station has 3 rotating sidemounts of this type.

Prosistel PST71 rotator. This antenna turns the 80 meter yagi.

Prosistel PST51 rotor. There are 5 of these rotors at CN2R.

East and West tower guy material.

South tower guy material for 1st three levels.

South tower guy material for top 2 levels.

Material list for 6 Element 15 Meter yagi on West tower.



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