This category shows some of the wonderful food I have had in Morocco.
Most of the food was eaten at the homes of radio people. A few photos
show some of the crops grown on the 40 hectare station/ farm.

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A Leg of lamb dinner at Ali's CN8TW in Casablanca.

Another great meal at CN8TW.

Chicken with prunes and apricots at Ali's

The dinner table at Ali's beautiful home.

A tasty dish at Rashid's CN8BD in Rabat

The main course at CN8BD

CN8YZ and CN2R enjoy a roadside barbeque lunch

Couscous dinner at Youssef's CN8YZ in Settat.

A great dinner at Juan and Pilar's EA9IE and EA9AM home in Ceuta.

Dinner at Charki's home

A very fine dessert at Charki's

The tomato crop at the station/farm in Casablanca

Fava beans are ready at the station/farm

Outdoor bread ovens are very common for the local people near the station. This bread was very tasty.

These cookies were served at My. Omar's home in Rabat. Moroccan cookies are very popular and tasty.

Brahim, the farm manager, prepares local fish just outside of the shack.

The entry to Rick's cafe, from the movie Casablanca, in Casablanca.

The Interior of Rick's cafe.

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