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CN8TW Ali, operating the station

Ali, CN8TW at his factory office

CN2R Jim (W7EJ) operating the first contest, CQWW SSB 2002, from the farm.

CN8TW and CN8BD Rachid.

CN8KD Mohamed. Mohamed is a close friend who helped me build the station. He has helped solve many problems over the years. He is also a top RTTY contester.

CN8SG Hassan, CN8NK (5C8A) M'hamed and CN8KD. CN8NK is the son of CN8KD. All 3 are avid contesters.

Antennas of CN8KD.

CN8SG Hassan, from Kenitra. Hassan has a very nice station and is an active contester

CN8BD Rachid, at the station

Antennas of CN8BD


CN8LR, Kacem, is the chief of ARRAM.

CN8BD, CN8KD and CN8LR in front of the ARRAM headquarters.

CN8YZ Youssef, on his tower. Youssef is a very good friend. He is very resourceful and helps me solve many problems.

CN8BK, Abderrahmane, and CN8YZ.

CN8YZ antennas

CN8WN Wahid

CN8WN and CN8AR My. Omar

CN8IT Othman

CN8IG Bouker, CN8TK Karim, CN2R

CN8IG Bouker, CN8IC Mourad, CN2R Jim

CN8WW Saaid

CN8CW Mohamed

CN8KD and CN8BC Brahim.

CN8LI Said

CN8PA Mohamed

CN8TY Malik

CN8CC Michele, CN8WN and CN8TW

CN8KX Mehdi, is a new Amateur who is building his station.



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